Physical Assembly

First the naming convention I will be using.

Note that some of the holes need to be drilled out with a 3mm drill depending on fastenings.

Assembly begins with putting the stepper motors onto the main base.

Put on the small gears onto the stepper motors.

Insert ball bearing into base gear.

Put a 20mm M3 bolt through the stand.

Now comes the tricky bit. We are going to bolt stand – Main base – bearing washer – Base gear – bearing washer – nut.

Bolt on the Pi (with camera attached) and the stepper driver boards.

Wire up the stepper driver boards to stepper motors and Pi.
You need to keep the wires in order (which if you used the ribbon cable provided with the kits is fairly straight forward). It doesnt matter too much which way round, your version may just move in the opposite direction. What does matter is that the 2 cable wires have to have +ve connected to the connector nearest the led’s (you remembered the colour, right?).

Bolt together main gear, obs platform and camera holder.

Put the obs table onto the main base and insert axle (cocktail stick should work, I use these).

Attach camera to camera mount. Add battery holders, insert battery, add wifi connector if you built with a Pi Zero (no W, sigh).

Note you can run this from a power supply instead of the battery.