Log in to Pi

We now have a headless Pi on our network.

To log in type (replacing with your Pi’s ip address)

ssh pi@

(as a side note, if you build a few of these on the same machine ssh will complain about the key. You will need to remove the key with the following).

ssh-keygen -R

You will be asked to agree to authenticity of host. (yes).
Type in the password (raspberry)

You will get a warning about the password, so lets update that.

sudo raspi-config

On the menu change the password.
Change the hostname (just a good idea).
Goto boot option.
Goto Desktop/CLI
Chose “Consolve Autologin, Text Console automatically logged in as pi user”.

Goto boot option.
Splash screen
Turn off.

Advanced options
Force 3.5mm jack.

Interfacing Options.
Turn on camera.


Exit raspi-config.

Now lets update the system.

sudo apt-get update
sudo rpi-update

And finally lets reboot.

sudo reboot now

After a minute or so, check that you can log in to the Pi still.

ssh pi@

There is more to do on the software, but we will come back to that later.